BlueFunkProductions, LLC has been gestating for over a decade.
My passions converge consummately in an exploration of the power of language: its intrinsic power when used for the elevation or degradation of individuals, communities, or humanity; the possibilities inherent in precise and meticulous craftsmanship; the malleability of communicative patterns, given individual motivation; and the beauty of elegant combinations of emotion and logic to engender movement.

Whether you need help polishing a 300-word essay or 300-page manuscript, organizing your 5000 square foot home or unwieldy too-small-no-matter-how-large desktop, or orchestrating an intimate evening for 2 or community celebration for 20,000, I offer superior intellectual, organizational, creative, presentation, and communication skills; an unyielding work ethic; a rich understanding of human nature; the poise and flexibility to tackle unexpected developments with grace; a necessary sense of humor and adaptability, and the requisite pair of steel-toed boots for metaphorically kicking in doors when required.

I am committed to taking the time to find relevant common ground with every client, striving to offer positive motivation and results while diminishing frustration. Having the opportunity to do so in arenas that also provide me joy and soul-satisfaction is icing on the cake.

Betsy Fetchko, July 2014


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